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Winter Green Winter Green

Rated 5 / 5 stars

:Dincredible ^^

This song is amazing and was EXACTLY what u were going for!! =D It's one of your best songs. It has so much passion and life for it. The description and song was beautifully written out. =]


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DjUntold responds:

Thank you Fallon! I was definitely an incredibly exciting song to make, and I had a great time doing so! It was just flowing, and no effort was wasted during it's creation.

- Aaron

Paradise on E (Karco Remix) Paradise on E (Karco Remix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Continuation of my review on DjUntold


(6:29 - 6:55) - At this part that sub-melody sounds like it is off-key again for the first repetition. But, even though it is off-key, it almost gives the song a unique feel. Also i love how the song seems almost still with the end of the main progression echoing in the background and the sub-melody kicking in. Also the bass plays nicely with the harmonization of this song, it is subtle but its adds a very nice feel. The build-up was a little bit generic, but hey its no big deal, it still keeps the songs feeling consistent.

(6:56 - 7:23) - This section of the tune is interesting. I was expecting the song to go back into the chorus and repeat the main theme, but there were a lot of small variations that made this section sound almost completely different. The slight drum variation was a very nice touch as well.

(7:24 - 8:18) - Here we go, the main chorus has returned! :P. Well, I'm glad that you brought it back in because if someone were in a club, for example, they would want that consistency to be kept, in order for their dancing to stay consistent as well. I just absolutely love this song and its overall feel, you really did a good job with every aspect.

(8:19 - 8:46) - Ah, delicious. Again my favorite sound in this song, it is absolutely, indefinitely, perfect. But i am a huge fan of Dub-step/tech-step, so that could be why i love this type of beat so much.

(8:47 - END) - I like how you brought this tune to a close. It seems the way you ended it was almost for DJing purposes, giving them time to line up your track with another track. But, the song faded out nicely, and the feeling was not lost which is what tends to happen with a lot of songs. They are really good until the end, and then they lose that consistency in the feeling of the song. So anyways, great work Karco sir, i'd love to see some more trance from you.

- Sincerily,

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Karco responds:

Once again, responding to what needs a response... ;)

6:29 - I thought the buildup was good, not generic. D: Oh well, I'll keep those in mind next time... I'm pretty sure the buildup for Time For Morning isn't generic like this one. :P Of course, it's not the whole buildup...

6:56 - you found out here. ;)

That's about all I've got to respond to, thanks a lot for the HUGE review! :D Lots of praise in there, which means I did a lot of things right, but you gave me a few ideas for next time, too. ;) Thanks again!

Abstraction (Demo) Abstraction (Demo)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh my god.

This song is beautiful, perfect for winter.

thank you for creating this incredible work of art.
please finish it i would love to hear it all.

-(Fresh Air)- -(Fresh Air)-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i love it!

i really needed this man, im going through lots of troubles with my gf lately, but this really helped to relax me and make me think.

thank you so much!!

5/5 10/10

you're my hero haha :D

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dittyboppoo responds:

Thanks =) and I hope everything works out.

All The Things You Said All The Things You Said

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This song brings back so many memories, both good and bad.
i am an aspiring musician, and you my friend, have created the song i've always wanted to create.
you did great, awesome job. I hope your gf loved it

i had a very special request, i dunno if you would want to, but i would really love it if u made an instrumental version and either uploaded it or sent it to me.

thanks so much! 5/5 10/10

ps. i wasn't implying that you had a bad voice cause its great i just wanted to hear what it would be like all instrumental :P

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jnry3 responds:

Sure, send me a PM with your email address, so I can send it to you personally. ^_^

She loved it, yeah! :-D

Dry Oasis--_-- Dry Oasis--_--

Rated 5 / 5 stars

!! :DD:D:D:D

this song = love?



keep up the good work bruh,
been listening to your music for about 2 years now, never made a review, just realised that, i would be honored to do collab with u someday tho.

dont bother listening to any of my music on this profile, its all my old sucky shit haha, never posted my new stuff.

anyway keep doin yo thang.

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The Firmament The Firmament

Rated 5 / 5 stars


There is no time, there is only movement my friend.

great work.

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Bosa responds:

Oh? But what is it that causes movement?

Chaos & Evolution (DnB)-Andy J Chaos & Evolution (DnB)-Andy J

Rated 5 / 5 stars

One Word.


Karco -- Stained Chrome -- Karco -- Stained Chrome --

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

good work :)

well i decided to review this song s u suggested so anyway here i go...

The song starts out slow with a very interesting bass synth, then moves on in some very deep drums which i think anyone can appreciate. oh also i like the reverb, then the second pair of drums come in which i think really adds too the song.

when the song stops i thought it ended but then i said to myself, hmm.. tthat was to short, and boom it starts again!
I love how at the end of the song the tempo and bpm slows down to almost a stop with the fade-out, it sounds really good.

nice job on this one :)

5/5 9/10


Karco responds:

Wow. How'd I miss this review for so long? It's been... a month. More. O_O Happens sometimes, I guess. Sorry about that.

Well, I don't have as much to add seeing as that it's been so long. I'd have to agree with most of it, though. Thanks for the review. :)

My Inner Warrior *PREVIEW* My Inner Warrior *PREVIEW*

Rated 5 / 5 stars

<3 :D

this is da bomb.

your music is incredible.

please finish this one :) please do.

u n saynt's work is awesome ya both rock.

peace bruh


Bleek989 responds:

Thx cuzz preceate it :) get at me sumtime homie